We understand that parents have many questions and concerns when sending their child to camp, especially for the first time. We have answered our most common questions below. If there is a question we have not addressed, please feel free to send us a message.

Where Do I Find The Packing List?

The packing list is found in the Cedarbrook Clue.  Click here
If your camper is attending the Boys’ Adventure Specialty Camp Click here for the packing list. 
If your camper is attending the Girls’ Horse Specialty Camp Click here for the packing list.

Why Do You Call It The “Clue”?

The Cedarbrook Clue is all sorts of information in one spot so that you have a “clue” about what to expect with camp!  

What Does a Typical Schedule Look Like?

  • Staff Rise and Shine
  • Staff Bible Study & Prayer                    (*staff assist, or lead activities as assigned)
  • Campers Rise and Shine
  • Flag Raising
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Watch (individual devotions)
  • Activity 1 (staff participate or lead activities as assigned)
  • Capers (cabin clean up)
  • Bible Ex (cabin group Bible study)
  • Lunch
  • Kickback (a time to rest)
  • Activity 2
  • Free Time
  • Activity 3
  • Dinner
  • Unified Evening Program
  • Cabin Wrap-Up (evening devotions)
  • Bedtime

What is The Tuck Shop?

The Tuck Shop is the name for our camp store.  It is a long-standing name because campers “tuck” their money away with the registrar during check-in.  The balances they spend and what remains are tallied every day, so campers know exactly how much money they have left.
The Tuck Shop has candy, soda, non-sugar drinks, chips, and ice cream as well as stamps, stationery, stuffed animals, jewelry, toys, Bibles, and camp swag such as sweatshirts and water bottles.  The food items are known as “wet tuck” and the stamps, stuffed animals, etc., are known as “dry tuck”
Campers are allowed to purchase 2 candies or sugary treats and 1 sugary drink per day.  They can buy as much “dry tuck” as they have money for.  We do help them try to budget their money for the time they are at camp.  Unspent money is either donated by the camper to our camper scholarship fund or returned — it’s their choice.

What if i need a scholarship for my camper?

We have camper scholarships available.  Please complete the Scholarship Application to be considered.

How do I send my Camper an Email at Camp?

There are 2 options to send one-way emails to your camper.
You can send emails through Bunk1.com or through your UltraCamp account.  Both options require a small fee.

Covid-19 protocols

We will be following the state guidelines for Covid-19 protocols.  This includes:
  1. Enhanced cleaning measures throughout camp.
  2. Testing of any campers or staff showing symptoms of Covid-19.  Those testing positive will be sent home immediately.
  3. Increased number of areas for handwashing.